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Robins Facing South - Table of Contents


Two Brides, Two Dead BrothersPlay this audio
AskingPlay this audio
Betting the Mississippi
Norman, Oklahoma
Done Lawyering
Naming Ángel
A Bridge Well Built
The Demon in Madness
Robins Facing South
Eulogy for an Artist
Anita's Dream


Grave Digger for a Mexican BabyPlay this audio
Road Trip to CollegePlay this audio
Father's Day
Blind Man News
Camarada's Cosmos
Missionary Daughters
The Mayor’s Son’s Shirts


Forgiveness and IPlay this audio
Wren Rising
Uncle Everett's Joy
Riddle of the Word
The Search for a Lost Soul
Some Other Day
A Gospel Mission Beating
Breathless at the Border
The Patience of Kindness
Rare Wound
Bus Stop
Flight of a Terrorist
Disgorging a Piñata
Collaterally Damaged Conviction
Dying as a Liar
Preacher and the Green Berets


Cascade Morning
Vanilla Strokes
Shadow Face
Halloween Blind Date
Orchids at the Royal Kew Gardens
Mailing Moonlight
On Tuesday
River PilotPlay this audio
Gayle's Sugar-White Pergola
Rainy Day Dog
Ruby Dusk

Glossary of Spanish Words