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To celebrate the elegance of life, entertain the following:

Sliding across a prism's blade of light
Floating down a mandolin's string of laughter
Capturing, then releasing, a love sonnet's dove
Pinching a sweet dream gently to make sure you're asleep
Sipping on a freshly-served tonic of contentment,
squeeze of lemon, please
Planting a tree of remembrance in the garden of your youth
Tumbling jubilant into the astonishment of rediscovery
Partnering with courage to steal a glance at forbidden desire
Taking a meteor shower with a long-lost love
Singing duet with an early-morning rainfall
Skipping rocks across a reservoir of unneeded tears
Painting pastels in a baptistery for prodigal illusions
And don't forget
Coaxing a lighting bolt from a pregnant purple cloud to
jitterbug across the sky